June 20, 2019

Carlos A. Ruiz

Typically I work with owners of industrial and office multi-tenanted buildings.  Some of my clients have concerns such as retirement, estate planning, 1031 exchanging into other buildings, lowering management responsibilities, and/or identifying new opportunities to continue increasing their wealth.

People have worked with me because I am knowledgeable, specialized and constantly uncovering new opportunities in the marketplace.

What’s most important to my clients are vacancy percentages, lease rates, operating expenses, and the current rate of return in which these buildings trade.  All of these factors significantly impact the value of these assets.

Stock market traders have several services like CNBC, WSJ, & Marketwatch that immediately tells them what is the value of their asset and what is happening in the marketplace.  Commercial Real Estate isn’t nearly as liquid of an asset and does not have this immediate streaming information.  My job is to help buyers and seller transact in this type of commercial investment real estate by having my finger on the pulse of the market.

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